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W3 web agency in Constance: We support companies that not only recognize the opportunities offered by digital change but seize them. And even more: to prove their digital expertise and want to hold their own against competitors. Whether digital strategy, web conception, web design, web development, CMS, or online marketing: as a web agency we are experts in all areas of the internet. We realize everything that is digital - and makes you successful.

WHAT DOES "Web agency" mean?

Definition web agency

A web agency, also referred to as an internet agency, develops web-based solutions to achieve your business objectives. This includes the conception, design, programming and marketing of websites, online shops, apps, and other web software. The technical implementation is often based on specific content management systems (CMS). In addition, a web agency offers numerous strategic and operational services in online marketing. These include search engine marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. A good web agency such as W3 covers all specialist areas of the internet. And ideally acts as your trustworthy, customer-oriented partner.


Advertising agency, web agency and digital agency - what is the difference?

The focus of a classic advertising agency - in keeping with its name - is the planning and creation of advertising materials. These are mainly distributed in print, but also via other mass media channels. The focus of the web agency, on the other hand, is on the internet and there on all measures required to achieve company-specific goals. Even though these terms are used synonymously: strictly speaking, web agencies are not always the same as digital agencies. The latter extend purely internet-related services by adding digital solutions. This also includes all types of offline applications. W3 is both web agency and digital agency. And we can also do (digital) advertising.

W3 Webagentur - Wir entwickeln digitale Lösungen

W3 web agency: We realize everything that is digital and drives you to success.


We support your digital transformation

Your digitization process is both a challenge and an opportunity. Especially when it comes to web technologies. The Internet offers attractive opportunities to assert yourself in the market - and to win new customers. Among the most important instruments for success: An up-to-date, intuitively operable website that inspires your users. An online shop with an emotional design that works perfectly from a technical point of view. An app that creates real added value for your customers. As a web agency, W3 offers you holistic consulting for all areas of digital transformation - and valuable support.


Web strategy - Foundation of your digital success 

Technology, design, marketing - we not only realize web solutions, but also lead them to the goal. Therefore, we examine your requirements and wishes from all angles. And advise you holistically. As a result, we develop intelligent technical web software, tailor-made web design and optimal online marketing strategies.

W3 Webagentur - Webstrategie und Webkonzeption

Software, design, marketing: We do not only develop web solutions. We also lead them to their goal.

W3 EXPERTISE Web design & Web development

Creative & convincing web design

Orientation, trust, enthusiasm - W3 develops web designs that more than just look good. Together we find out what your target group is interested in, appeals to and expects. On this basis we create your web design that is easy to use, creates orientation, attracts attention and touches emotionally.


Positive UX (User Experience)

UX refers to the experiences that users make on your website. Key figures such as a high drop-out rate, many shopping basket dropouts or numerous app installations, but few active app users indicate a negative user experience. We take care that this does not happen to you. That is why we put the positive user experience at the center of our development. And we constantly optimize your web solutions based on measurable key figures.


Future-proof web development

Analyze, develop intelligently, scale - we work with future-proof and sustainable web technologies that bring you forward in the long term. We program your web software so that it can be used intuitively, functions perfectly and can be expanded without any problems. Whether website, online shop, or app: With our web-based solutions we always put the user in the focus. Because as an experienced web agency we know: Only in this way can web technology bring long-term success.


Development of individual software

It is typical for standard software not to harmonize with company workflows. In the worst-case scenario, an inefficient process sequence results, which
weakens operational processes and diminishes your company's success. Based on your individual requirements, expectations, and processes, we develop customized individual software for you. And we do this sustainably and in the shortest possible time.

W3 Webagentur - Webdesign und Webentwicklung

We rely on future-oriented and sustainable web technologies. For your business success.

W3 EXPERTISEOnline Marketing

Attracting, convincing, retaining your target group - we find out what interests your customers and reach them where they are online. To do this, we develop a clear online marketing strategy and optimize your website so that your customers can find you with ease. Primarily via search engines, but also via social media channels or backlinks to related websites. In this way users become interested parties. And interested parties become customers ready to buy.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) - More leads with paid ads

Your target group searches on Google for information - and for your offer. If you do not rank organically well enough under important search terms, Google advertising (Search Engine Advertising, SEA for short) is promising for you. Our SEA experts ensure that you are found on Google & Co. with paid advertisements for relevant keywords. We develop a tailor-made SEA campaign as well as landing pages that convince. For more and timely leads in your online business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Top rankings on Google & Co.

With targeted search engine optimization (SEO) we increase the organic ranking of your website. Since Google constantly changes its algorithm, SEO is never complete. The conceptual, content and technical success factors for your organic ranking are constantly changing. Therefore, SEO is rather an ongoing process that should not be neglected. Our SEO experts stay on the ball for you and continuously optimize your website. Both on page and off page. To increase your visibility - and the success of your business.

W3 Webagentur - Online Marketing und Sales

Attracting, convincing and retaining customers on the Internet. We show how this can be achieved.


Digitization is accompanied by constant change and transformation. No web technology remains as it is. Everything develops exponentially. For companies, this means that if they want to remain competitive, they must recognize the need for digitization and keep their finger on the pulse. With W3 you will always be up-to-date and able to derive the right measures. All the heads of our web agency know about updates and innovations in their specialist area - and react quickly. Your in-house developers lack these resources? With W3 web agency Constance, you can fully focus on your core business. Relieve your in-house developers and let digital experts who know what they are doing support you.

Web agency from Lake Constance, Germany

W3 is an agile web agency from Constance on Lake Constance. Our 12-member team consists of experienced web developers, digital strategists, web designers and online marketing specialists. We are experts in all areas of the internet and develop tailor-made web solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. We create comfort, simplify processes, save resources, and make life easier. Your life - and that of your customers. We communicate honestly and attach great importance to a trustful and cooperative partnership. Does that fit your ideas? Then we look forward to getting to know you personally.

W3 Webagentur Konstanz - Webentwicklung, Webdesign & Online Marketing

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