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Your decision is clear: Yes, your company is facing digitization. And yes, you want to take off online. If you commission an internet agency, you have not only decided to do so - you are also taking action. W3 internet agency in Constance develops solutions with which your company can position itself strongly in the internet. Whether website, online shop, app or individual software development - with W3 you prove digital excellence in your industry. And use the digital transformation for your business success.


The internet is our daily companion. This is where your customers communicate, make purchases, and find out about the latest news. Will this change in the future? Unlikely. That is why it is essential for your company to present itself in the best possible digital form - and to reach your target group on the web.


Digitization – no longer an obstacle with W3

How do you best position your company on the internet? How do you reach your target group online? Is app development worthwhile? And anyway: Is online marketing profitable for your company? As an internet agency we are well aware of these questions. The same applies to the accompanying uncertainties. With us, your digital transformation is no longer an obstacle.


One chance, great potential – your internet presence

If you want to remain competitive in the long term, you must recognize - and seize - the opportunities offered by the zeitgeist. Digitize your business processes sensibly and effectively. Rely on suitable software solutions. Distribute your products via online shop. Use online tools for customer loyalty. And gain decisive competitive advantages in your industry. As experts for all areas of the Internet, we offer you strategic and operational support.

W3 Internetagentur - Digitale Transformation

W3 internet agency –
We position your company successfully in the digital world.


We support you in reaching your target group on the internet and in opening up new sales channels. This includes: A web presence that convinces. Including a precisely tailored digital strategy, web conception, web design and sustainable web development.


Customized web strategy

How is your company currently positioned online? Where do you want to go? And: Which web technologies are the right ones to achieve your goals? We advise you individually and in detail. And develop a customized web strategy together with you.


Appealing web design

For long-term success on the Internet, one thing above all must be right: The digital basis. This includes technical website development as well as convincing web design. Whether it's a website, online shop or app - our web designers are dedicated to transferring your brand to the internet in the best possible way.


User Experience & Usability 

Usability and user satisfaction are inseparably linked. Because: links leading nowhere, confusing navigation or overloaded pages lead to frustration. And are accompanied by negative user experiences. A technically flawlessly functioning website, an intuitive user interface and appealing content are therefore of fundamental importance. Our web specialists make sure that web solutions work perfectly, that the user experience is positive – and that customers are enthusiastic.

W3 Internetagentur - Webstrategie

Website, online shop, mobile app –
W3 develops future-oriented and sustainable web solutions.


Website development

When developing websites, we work with the latest and most reliable technologies. Our technical skills range from HTML/CSS and JavaScript to highly complex backend configurations for individual web software. Our specialists ensure that your website functions technically flawlessly. And addresses your target group perfectly.


Online shop development

An online shop offers great sales potential. Provided it is implemented strategically, conceptually, and technically cleverly. The shop system, user appeal, navigation, high-quality content and a simple ordering process are important factors for success. We advise you in detail on how to successfully sell products on the Internet. And which e-commerce solutions are best suited for you.


App development

W3 accompanies you from the first app idea to the development and successful marketing of your mobile app. Whether iOS, Android, native app or PWA: Our app specialists pay attention to a user-centered implementation. So that your app creates noticeable added value, and your customers are delighted.


Content management system

A content management system (CMS) is used to organize and maintain your website content. But not every CMS fits your needs. We help to select the perfect CMS for you and to adapt it in a sensible way. As an internet agency we work with Concrete5, Typo3 and WordPress, among others.


Individual software development

Standard software cannot always meet your requirements. In this case an individual software development is the right thing. We program an individual software that meets your expectations and can do exactly what you want.

W3 Internetagentur - Webentwicklung & Software Entwicklung

We bring your wishes and resources in line with the latest web technologies.

W3 INTERNET agenCYOnline Marketing & Sales

Whether website, e-shop or app: Only if your target group knows and uses your internet offer, you can be successful on the web. Targeted online marketing is the keyword here. Attracting, converting and retaining customers - with the right online marketing strategy and tailor-made measures. Our digital marketing experts know how to achieve this.


SEO – Your top ranking is no coincidence

Search engine optimization (SEO): Our SEO experts ensure that your website is recognized and listed by Google & Co. And in top positions. For this purpose, we analyze and research relevant search terms for your company. And we make sure that your website is outstanding in terms of concept, content and technology. With continuous SEO optimization we increase the visibility of your offer sustainably.


SEA – Promptly acquire leads and new customers

Search Engine Advertising (SEA): With SEA campaigns you have the possibility to search for relevant search queries on Google & Co. ads for relevant search queries. And to appear in the search results. This requires an analysis of relevant keywords, continuous optimization of current SEA campaigns and - a sustainable strategy. With the W3 SEA experts, you will achieve success in the shortest possible time, but also in the long term, which will advance your online business.

W3 Internetagentur - Online Marketing & Sales

Targeted online marketing from W3: You make sales - and we make them easier.


Digitization and the internet are accompanied by constant change. No technology remains as it is. Everything is evolving - and exponentially. Only those who stay on the ball benefit. As digital experts, we are always informed about updates and changes - and react quickly. Is this not possible for your in-house IT due to a lack of resources? As an internet agency in Constance, we support you where you need us. We keep everything up to date. And relieve your in-house developers and internal resources.



W3 internet agency Constance: They are 14 smart people with bits and bytes flowing through their veins. All are digital natives. And they all burn for digital success. We bring the requirements, wishes and resources of companies into harmony with future-oriented web solutions. And position them successfully on the Internet. In our web projects we attach great importance to an agile way of working. And we prefer to communicate honestly and directly. Does that correspond to your ideas? Then we look forward to getting to know you personally.

W3 Internetagentur Konstanz - Webentwicklung, Webdesign & Online Marketing

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