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The digital age confronts companies with major challenges. How do you successfully transfer your brand to the digital world? How do you map business processes digitally? How do you reach your target group on the Internet? And how do you manage to sell more online? The fact is: Those who neglect the digital transformation will face problems in the long term. Those who successfully make their offerings digitally experienceable will benefit. After all, digitization creates attractive opportunities to win new customers. But that requires professional expertise. For example, in the areas of digital strategy, software development, website development, app programming and online marketing. Does your company lack the necessary know-how internally? Then choosing the right digital agency is fundamentally important for you.

What is a digital agency?

Definition digital agency

A digital agency is a company specialized in digital services, which realizes the conception, design, development, and marketing of digital solutions on behalf of customers and on the basis of the latest technologies. Ideally, your digital agency will not only act as a service provider. Rather as a trusted technological partner and consultant.


Difference between digital agency, advertising agency & internet agency

Digital agencies have evolved from classic advertising agencies. To this day, advertising agencies are increasingly focusing on print and mass media advertising. For example, on TV spots, radio commercials, advertising posters or business cards. Digital agencies, on the other hand, are specialized in digital solutions. They realize digital projects such as websites, online stores, apps, and individual software developments. The term digital agency is often equated with web agency or internet agency. While Internet agencies strictly speaking only offer web solutions, the range of services offered by digital agencies is broader.


Digital is more than online

A digital agency offers professional digital solutions. These can be used online, but also offline. Online solutions include websites, social media sites, web stores and newsletters. In addition, there are also a variety of digital solutions that take place offline. Such as e-books or offline functionalities of an app. No matter whether offline or on the Internet: Ideally, your digital agency is the right contact for all digital areas. So far, so good. And what does W3 offer as a digital agency?

W3 Digitalagentur - Wir entwickeln digitale Lösungen

As a digital agency we realize the conception, design, development, and marketing of digital solutions.

What does a digital agency?Strategy and concept

W3 digital agency in Constance: We accompany the successful digitalization of your company. And advise you proactively on strategic, technical, and content issues. How you can use the digital change to your advantage. Which digital strategy is the right one. Which technology you should rely on. And how to best represent your brand in the digital world.


Strategic consulting for your digital transformation

It is no secret: companies that miss their digital transformation will lose. After all, smart digital solutions now form the basis for sustainable business success. Does the digitization of your company need to be advanced? We support you with valuable strategic advice on all aspects of your digital transformation. And get your company ready for the digital future.


Development of your digital strategy

As an agile digital agency, we develop a digital strategy tailored to your company. Including a digital target image, clearly defined goals, and realistic milestones. For your digital strategy, we consider everything that is significant. The latest technological developments, your customers' needs, your individual strengths, and measures of competitors. With W3 you not only survive the digital change. You proactively shape it. And prove digital excellence in your industry.


UX Design & positive user experience

UX Design refers to the goal-oriented design of the user experience. To the point: Your users will convert to customers who are ready to buy when they have a pleasant experience with your digital products. This is nothing new in the digital industry. And yet a multitude of websites cause frustration for your users. For example, with confusing navigation, long loading times or bumpy ordering processes. It is important to us that this does not happen to you. Therefore, we develop a well thought-out user guidance concept for your online presence. With the UX design of our web designers you not only ensure a positive user experience. You will inspire your customers.

W3 - Digitalagentur für Digitale Strategie und Beratung

With W3 you can proactively shape digital change. And prove digital excellence in your industry.

What does a digital agency?Design and coding

Web development and web design form the core of our services as a digital agency. Because: flawless programming and convincing design form the basis of your digital success. Whether website programming, responsive web design, online store development, app development or CMS: We recommend you focus on quality without compromise. That way you set the right course for sustainable digital growth.


Responsive web design

The main thing is that your company has a website, right? Wrong. An outdated, confusing or non-responsive website damages your brand and therefore your company. Our web designers will create a website with which you do everything right. Central quality criterion: A convincing responsive web design that fits your brand. As an experienced digital agency, we make sure that your website is not only displayed perfectly on all devices. But also generates qualified leads.


Website programming & online stores development

In the technical development of websites and online stores we focus on highest quality. Our web developers program your digital products with clean code. We work exclusively with the latest and most reliable technologies. Choose the CMS (Content Management System) that ideally suits your requirements. Implement helpful web analysis tools. Make sure that Google indexes your website. And perform regular security and system updates after launch.


Have an app developed

App development and app programming are also part of the services offered by our digital agency. Why have a mobile app developed? An intelligently implemented app creates noticeable added value, optimizes processes, and contributes to the success of your company. What sounds simple, turns out to be complex in its implementation. And requires professional know-how. Our app developers know what is important for the implementation of your app. Whether iOS, Android or PWA: We support you in the conception, programming, marketing, and further development of your app.


Individual software development

Standard software does not meet your requirements? Then individual software development is the solution. Based on your specifications, we will develop an individual software in the shortest possible time, which can do exactly what you want. Without compromises and without confusing functions. Our digital agency is an expert for customized IT solutions that that take your needs into account in every detail.

W3 - Digitalagentur für Softwareentwicklung und Webdesign

Focus on quality without compromise. With individual software development by W3.

what does a digital agency?ONLINE MARKETING and SALES

After successful web development, one thing is most important: to reach your target group with smart digital marketing. Whether SEA, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing or conversion optimization. We generate qualified leads with precisely tailored online marketing measures. And increase your digital business success. Let our marketing experts advise you on online advertising.


SEM, SEA, SEO - Targeted search engine marketing

Search engine marketing, short SEM, includes all measures to position your website on Google & Co. This includes both organic ranking (SEO) and paid search engine advertising (SEA). As an experienced digital agency, we support you in both areas. We make sure that your target group finds you under the right search terms on Google. For measurably more visitors, inquiries and sales.


Conversion optimization

With well-founded conversion optimization, CRO for short, your website can become even more successful. Does it sound too good to be true? Yes - it can. For example, with an improved user experience, a simplified ordering process or intuitive user guidance. As a digital agency, we are experts in noticeably increasing your conversion rate. With customized, data-based measures, we ensure more conversions on your website. And we do so in a completely transparent and measurable way.


Content Marketing & Social Media 

Content is king. And content marketing is an essential part of your digital corporate communication. Anyone who places irrelevant or even spam-suspicious content on their website will be punished by Google. Those who publish value-added, unique, and reader-relevant content will be ranked higher. Therefore, place value on unique, high-quality content. This includes all the content of your website, such as texts, images, videos, and audio files. W3 creates content that offers added value to your customers. We provide visibility – on Google and social media. And increase the awareness level of your brand.

W3 - Digitalagentur für Digital Marketing, Online Marketing & Sales

We turn interested parties into customers. With targeted digital marketing.


Are you looking for a digital agency that fits you perfectly? These 3 criteria will help you to make the right decision. Criterion 1: References: Take a close look at the agency's clients, projects and case studies. You can find an overview of W3 digital projects here. Criterion 2: Specialization: Can the agency do what you need in the long run? Many digital agencies are specialized and do not cover all service areas. Make sure your digital agency has expertise in the areas that interest you. W3 is an expert in all digital areas. From strategic consulting to individual software development and digital marketing. Criterion 3: Professional excellence. Is your digital agency always up to date in terms of expertise? Do they only work with standard solutions? Ask explicitly and get a feeling for the competences of your internet agency. At W3, we use our many years of experience to help your company advance digitally. During a free consultation appointment, you will find out how.


W3 is your digital agency from Constance at Lake Constance. We are uncomplicated, hungry and agile. And we attach great importance to a trustful cooperation. Whether digital strategy, web development, web design or online marketing: We see ourselves as your digital partner and support you in all digital areas. And we are happy to do so at any time. Does that fit your ideas? Then we look forward to getting to know you personally.

Digitalagentur für Webentwicklung, Webdesign & Online Marketing

Get to know us now. And start successfully into the digital future.



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