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Would you like to have your idea developed and marketed by an app agency? We love smart ideas and see it as our task as app developers to realize them with a love for detail. In addition to the design, a user-friendly implementation is especially important if your app project is to be successful.

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W3 is a well-established team of experienced IT professionals and digital enthusiasts. Whether iOS or Android, desktop, smartphone, or TV – apps and web development are our passion. Our mobile app agency accompanies you through the process of app conception until the launch in the App Store. Let our app marketing agency advise you and lay the foundation for an exciting mobile application with us.



Together with you we find out what your customers want. How could your app benefit the consumer? And how does your company stand up to the other market participants?


Programming and design

The elegant solution is always the best. Modern apps score points with their fast loading time, structured user guidance and attractive appearance.


App marketing

Bold self-advertising is not your style? Good – we also prefer the subtle way. Forget everything you have heard about aggressive marketing. Our online marketing campaigns bring customers directly to you.

W3 App Agentur - App entwickeln lassen

W3 app agency – we are experts for apps. And burn for your digital success.


Do you have an idea how to make the most of digital change for your company with an app? An innovative concept is valuable. But in the next step, your app must also meet consumer requirements. Our app agency offers you an objective view of the target group and their needs. Whether you have an Android app, or an iOS app programmed – especially digital natives expect mobile apps and desktop apps to simplify and not complicate their lives. W3 accompanies you to a successful launch.

Erfolgreiche App Entwicklung

W3 - We realize the conception, development, and marketing of your mobile application.

App Agency competencies  Strategy and branding

Successful app development requires a good plan and strategic approach. Therefore, we want to get to know you and your company. Together we will develop a realistic strategy to meet the requirements of your target group.


Competition analysis

What do others offer on the market? What can you do better?


Digital strategy

You can follow the change, or you can actively participate in shaping it.



Your brand may already have a strong identity offline. How can it gain a foothold in the digital world?

App Agentur - Strategie und Branding

App Agency competenciesDesign conception and programming

We accompany the development of your app from the first idea to the launch. Our offer is versatile.


App development

Are you developing a mobile app or a desktop app? W3 is both an iOS agency and an Android agency and develops apps for both operating systems.


App programming

From native apps, to hybrid apps, to PWAs. Progressive Web App or Native App? (?) This decision strongly influences user behavior. 


UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design sounds like a secret code? The overstimulation and fast pace of the digital world is no secret. You probably know this from yourself - technology must be as structured and reliable as possible in everyday life. Consumers are not interested in high ideals, but above all in an attractive visual structure and user-friendliness. Don't forget: Apps demand simple solutions. Simple, appealing design ensures a longer stay and guides the consumer through the app.



An efficient app programming ensures high user-friendliness and fast loading times.

App Agentur - Konzeption und Programmierung

App Agency competenciesMobile App Marketing

App marketing does not mean market screaming. At least not for us. Internet users are exposed to a multitude of stimuli every day. Loud, shrill content is therefore ignored and quickly clicked away. Full consumer attention is no longer gained through aggressive self-advertising, but through marketing adapted to the target group. Be not only effective, but efficient.


Pull marketing

Do not draw attention to yourself by any means. Instead, the customers will come to you. Be present when the customer needs your product and not vice versa. This makes your brand more attractive and your company saves its resources.


Content management and traffic

The digital world is all about interaction and networking. We support you in getting in touch with your target group. This is how we turn prospects into customers!


SEO and social media

To see, but above all to be seen. This includes above all a high Google ranking and strong social media presence.


Marketing in the App Store

We make sure that customers find your product quickly when they browse the App Store.

App Agentur - Mobile App Marketing

Honest advice on strategy, programming and marketing of your app can be obtained from W3.

Mobile App solutions choose the right technology

The idea to develop an app is one step of many. After that you as a company must make numerous decisions. On which devices should your app be used? Is it a desktop or a mobile app? Which operating system do you prefer? And finally: Progressive web app or native app? And what is it all about? We would be pleased to inform you about it:


What is a progressive web app?

The term progressive web app, PWA for short, is basically misleading: You would search in vain for it in the App Store. Although PWA can be installed on the desktop and mobile as an app, it is loaded like a website via the browser. You can develop progressive web apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


What are the advantages of a progressive web app?

Fast: The web is fast moving. Users not only search for solutions online but are also quickly frustrated if the search takes too long. A PWA is loaded in less than 5 seconds and is therefore efficient. Reliable: Because the progressive web app does not require a download from the App Store, it works on all operating systems. Online and offline: Even if the PWA is loaded via the browser, the consumer can use it offline. All that is needed is a link to the corresponding URL.


What is a native app?

In contrast to the progressive web app, you can find the native app in the App Store. After downloading it to your smartphone, you can use the app online and offline. As the name suggests, the native app is developed specifically for a certain operating system, i.e. iOS or Android. You can program native apps with Swift, Java or Kotlin.


What are the advantages of a native app?

User experience: Native apps correspond exactly to the requirements of the respective operating system. Profitable: Native apps can be sold for a fee via the App Store and thus generate revenue for your company. Practical: Since you place your app in the App Store, distribution becomes easier.

App Agentur - App Technologien

App development: We realize your app idea with the appropriate technology.


App Agency for your successful digital change

Digital change is teamwork

Our passion is the digital world. Whether we are programming or on the web - in our app agency we rarely use pen and paper. Nevertheless, we respect the limits of digital communication: Branding and sales are part of a successful communication strategy and that is why we can also help here with proven expertise and a network of hand-picked partners and specialists.


App development is creative

Digitalization is a process that requires not only knowledge but also empathy. In our App Agency we believe that technology should be there for people, not the other way around. That is why we want to solve the conflicts of digitization as simply as possible and take everyone with us on the way. In our App Agency, we are therefore looking for possibilities that fit our customers perfectly.


Dynamic app agency

W3 is a mobile app agency and consists of 12 experienced developers. If you want to have an app developed, we support you step by step: First we plan a strategy together with you, followed by app programming and graphic design. In each of these steps we rely on open, direct communication. To find the most creative way in the digital world is teamwork. Only the best solution wins, so that we can start the important app promotion at the end.


Get support

Our App Development Agency is an authorized consulting partner of the support program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). You as a customer can also benefit from this advantage. The BMWi supports 50 percent of the expenditures of German companies for digital market development by authorized consulting firms such as W3. Your company must fulfill the following condition: You must have fewer than 100 employees and generate up to 20 million annual sales.

App Agentur - Digitaler Wandel

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