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We do our best to bring your brand and ideas successfully into the digital future. 

I. Strategy & concept

We first see the forest before we choose the right trees.

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Every day there are new technologies or opportunities that you can use. But one thing remains constant: the best way to achieve your goals and grow your business is to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Based on your goals, we will work with you to develop a winning strategy to identify the channels, tactics and technologies that will really move your business forward. We connect the dots between your audience, your offering and your brand and find the best way to make your idea a lasting success.


  • Analysis & ResearchWe help you to understand exactly what moves your customers. What makes your competition good or bad. And how you can benefit from this knowledge to convince them of yourself and your offer.
  • Brand- & Digital strategyWith our digital DNA and simultaneous understanding of the old economy, we connect both worlds and develop sustainable strategies. So that you not only survive the digital change in your industry, but proactively help shape it.
  • Digital BrandingWe help you to transfer your corporate identity into the digital world without any breaks. We merge the offline and online worlds of your brand with each other.
  • User Experience (UX)The economic success of digital products depends largely on the quality of the user experience. We support you from consulting and user-centred optimisation to the complete redesign of your online offer.
  • Employer Branding & RecruitingWe increase the attractiveness and digital visibility of your employer brand. We help you to use digital media and tools wisely to effectively address and convince high potentials of today and tomorrow.
  • Cross- & OmnichannelWe integrate your sales channels online and offline to create a perfectly coordinated cross-device and cross-media user experience. And if desired, we can also provide the appropriate (social) media strategy.
  • Blockchain-concepts

II. Design & development

What we build works as well as it looks.
The digital world creates new attractive possibilities and creative ways to meet your audience: Who you are. What makes you special. Why you are different from others - better. And how you enrich the lives of your target group. We translate all this into tailor-made solutions - visually, technically and in terms of content. Great design combined with user-friendly functions. This is how you create a compelling digital experience that enhances the value of your brand and offers in the eyes of your audience and makes them feel as comfortable as possible. And where you feel comfortable, you like to buy.


  • User Interface & Screen DesignTo ensure that your digital offers are used with pleasure and leave a lasting impression, we ensure that all our projects are designed to be intuitive to use and visually appealing at the same time.
  • Responsive Websites & LandingpagesWebsites, microsites or landing pages: with user-centred and mobile-optimised applications, we ensure the best possible user experience on every device. And make you shine on every screen size.
  • AppsFrom native app to PWA: We accompany you from the first idea to programming and launch in the App Stores. Including strategy to continuously increase the visibility and reach of your app from day one.
  • E-Commerce & OnlineshopsIn alignment with your market environment, your product range and your brand, we develop customised e-commerce solutions for you to inspire your customers - and measurably increase your success.
  • Individual softwareSoftware that does what it is supposed to do. And does what you want. Based on your specifications, we develop IT solutions that take your operating processes and requirements into account in every detail. Without compromises. And without unnecessary ballast.
  • Online banner & AnimationsFrom static display motifs and key visuals to animated banners and spots, we put your message in the spotlight in an eye-catching and valuable way. On request, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate text including call-to-action and the appropriate media plan.
  • Blockchain, Dapps, smart contracts

III. Marketing & Sales

We do not have to shout loudly. We hit the right notes.
The marketing landscape is full of organisations that try to attract the attention of their target group with a lot of noise. We choose a different approach: we make sure that you are found at the right time in the right place with the right message. With tried and tested analysis know-how, the right technical tools and big-data skills, we find out what really moves your target groups. We show you unused potential and ways to reach your audience at the moment when they need you most. And is ready to listen - without you having to shout. Some call this pull marketing. We call it smart.


  • Content Marketing & Digital InboundWe help you to reach your desired target group with inspiring, needs-oriented content at exactly the moment when they need you most. And is as open as possible to your message. Then they will (almost) buy on their own.
  • Lead- & Conversion optimisationWe help you to increase the traffic on your digital channels. We create conversion-optimised structures, set up digital sales funnels and ensure that leads are converted into sales. And prospects into customers.
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)From a clear definition of objectives to the selection of the right keywords and bidding strategy to the creation of tailor-made ad texts including success tracking, we support you in the implementation of strong conversion SEA campaigns.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO)Good SEO ensures that you appear in the top search results on Google and Co. without having to pay money for it. We optimise your online presence technically, structurally and in terms of content so that it becomes irresistible to Google.
  • (Social) MEDIA campaignsWe make sure that your good ideas and offers get the media attention they deserve. From display ads to influencer campaigns, we find and orchestrate the right channels for your success.
  • over the edgeThanks to our network of experts, we have the right partner for every project. Whether corporate films, public relations, trade fairs or print projects: We make the contact and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

IV. Metaverse, Web3, NFTs, Blockchains

With our in-house consulting and implementation expertise in NFT, cryptocurrency and Metaverse, W3 is one of the few and one of the first full-service agencies in the German-speaking world. We advise you on how to exploit the opportunities of the Metaverse in your industry - from digital products to supply chains to patents -, accompany your company in its entry into Web3 and ensure a smooth success.


  • CONSULTING & POTENTIAL ANALYSIS Industry-specific consulting for your B2B and B2C company in the areas of Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse and Web3
  • STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT Development of promising entry strategies as well as digital NFT-/ products and blockchain-based services for your business
  • Ready-to-Market-ServiceSet-up, build and implementation of digital infrastructure for your Blockchain- /NFT/- Metaverse - presence: setting up wallets, mining NFTs, listing on blockchain, developing smart contracts, etc.
  • Marketing & CampaignsConception, creation and implementation of cross-media brand and marketing campaigns for your NFT products